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Hello from The Freeman's Farm! We are Bob and Lisa Freeman. Our family farm is nestled on 60 acres located in Woods Cove in Scottsboro, Alabama. The Freeman family have lived here since 1838. Our family has raised horses, mini donkeys, chickens since 2014. In 2016 we introduced mini zebu to our farm. Miniature Zebu Cattle are an excellent choice for your homestead or family farm. They are easy to keep up and wonderful for small acreage farms. As a breed they are hardy, tolerate extreme heat, and have a high resistance to disease. Mini zebu can be quite small. The breed standard is not to exceed 42 inches tall, when measured behind the hump, but there’s no minimum. Their small size makes them less intimidating for kids and easier to handle. Furthermore, their small size is easier on the land and fencing, and of course feed and hay cost are lower then normal size cattle. We have miniature Zebu available throughout the year. prices vary depending on pedigree, size, color and sex.

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